Junior Ultimate Disc

With a perfect weight, 145-gram for junior players, UJ has set the standard for quality, weight and performance since it’s introduced in 2007. Super easy to throw and comfortable to catch , the UJ is the perfect disc for kids and junior players.

  1. Specification

    Weight: 145g  Diameter: 249mm  Height: 32mm

    According to World Flying Disc Federation(WFDF) & USA Ultimate(USAU) latest standards of U12 competition ultimate Disc.

  2. Material

    Material: Modified PE plastic

    Mainly use eco-friendly PE plastic material, we modified the materials in the hardness, flexibility, stability, feel, temperature adaptability, anti-impact capability and deformation recovery capability, to achieve the ultimate feel requested by ultimate sports players.

  3. Suitable for

    U12, student from Grade 3 to Grade 6.

  4. Application

    U12 regulation games.

  5. Features
    • The radian and depth of the edge is according to the ergonomic design, better to control the disc, improve comfortable sensation at the grip and throw moments.
    • Hedrick line at the edge of disc, increase rotating airflow direction, to get better flying stability.
    • Flat disc surface, moderate flexibility, the discs can recover fast even deformed.
    • Aerodynamic shape can reduce the resistance in high speed rotating, and keep long loiter.
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