175g Ultimate Disc

Making its debut in 2011, UP is our high profile disc product and is popular among ultimate players. Having been through aerodynamic tests with no less than 5 different flying imitation conditions, UP shows incredible flying performance providing outstanding stability and excellent maneuverability. Applying the weight of international standard 175g, UP is the best choice for all levels of players and games.

  1. Specification

    Weight: 175g  Diameter: 273mm  Height: 32mm

    The X-COM UP Ultimate Disc 175g is strictly according to World Flying Disc Federation(WFDF) & USA Ultimate(USAU) latest standards of competition ultimate Disc. No matter weight or size, X-COM UP175 series ultimate discs reach the best value of standards.

  2. Material

    Material: Modified PE plastic

    Mainly use eco-friendly PE plastic material, we modified the materials in the hardness, flexibility, stability, feel, temperature adaptability, anti-impact capability and deformation recovery capability, to achieve the ultimate feel requested by ultimate sports players.

  3. Suitable for

    UP175 is suitable for Professional Ultimate Disc Players participated in ultimate disc training and games.

  4. Application

    UP175 is mainly applied to ultimate disc games.

  5. Features
    • The radian and depth of the edge is according to the ergonomic design, better to control the disc, improve comfortable sensation at the grip and throw moments.
    • Hedrick line at the edge of disc, increase rotating airflow direction, to get better flying stability.
    • Flat disc surface, moderate flexibility, the discs can recover fast even deformed.
    • Aerodynamic shape can reduce the resistance in high speed rotating, and keep long loiter.
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